Northern ​​​​​Indiana ​​Hedgehogs       
To get on to the wait list we REQUIRE a $50 non-refundable deposit. This ensures us that you are 100% commited and the baby will have a forever home. Wait list customers get first pick of upcoming litters, Breeders will get first pick over them no matter what

Customers- Babies

1*Stephanie Cower(Wants in May)
2*Laney Gervase(Wants in May)

​3*Danielle Lasher
​4*anthony Gaff(NIHH0063M) 4/22/18 1pm
5*Robin Johnson(NIHH0059M) 4/21/18 11am

​6*Lauren LucasNIHHBLAZE) 4/21/18 11am
7*Abigail Feiner(NIHH0058F) 4/22/18 1pm
8*Sophia Barton
9*Ashley Beaver
10*Jarrod Wilson
11*Natalie Pfeifer
12*Crystal Lewis
13*Katelynn King 
14*Tristan Lawson
15*Heather Parkerson(2)
16*Amber Edwards
17*Terry Brasfield(July)

 Customers - Retirees 



1. Jennifer Glass Blissful Quills 
(Silver boy)(NIHH0043F)

2*Renee Laseter (NIHH0023M, Vanilla cream puff x kilo)
(NIHH0014M, HulaxOzark) (NIHH0040F)

3* Viktoriya Kilbourn (NIHH0021F, NIHH0043F, NIHH0018F)

4* Ashley Ganey(Zan x Dr. Grey Male)


6* Megan Quick- Carmel Macchiato(NIHH0029F), Little miss layla x Vegas(NIHH0026F), Varuna x Earth(BLAZE BOY), Carmel Latte x Gucci(NIHH0016M) 

7.Lisa Lewandowski (NIHH0037M, NIHH0054M)

8* Jenna Perlick (4 babies)


10*Amberrose caliborne-Dalton(NIHH0036M, NIHH0051M)

11*Chancy Riddick(NIHH0049M, Rylee x Hurricane)

12*Sarah Harms (NIHH0039F)(Jupiter)

​13*Danielle Brown(Zan x Dr. Grey baby)

14*Crysta Pagniano(Hurricane x Rylee)

15*Sharay Blake(Zan x Dr. Grey badger split male)