Northern ​​​​​Indiana ​​Hedgehogs       
To get on to the wait list we REQUIRE a $50 non-refundable deposit. This ensures us that you are 100% commited and the baby will have a forever home. Wait list customers get first pick of upcoming litters, Breeders will get first pick over them no matter what

Customers- Babies

1*Jessica Densborn
2*Rachael Unruh (NIHH0004M)
3Stephanie Cower(Wants in May)
4*Nicole Scheetz(NIHH0006F)

5*Heather Hartman(NIHH0008F)
6*Allie Stump(NIHH0003M)
7*Laura Bowling(NIHH0001M)
8*Laney Gervase(Wants in May)
9*Jared Bell(NIHH0007F)
10*Maryca Castelloes(Male Breeder)
11*Paige Adams

12* Heather Nicole
13*Ryan Perr
14*Lindsey Wathen
​15*Sam Petersen

 Customers - Retirees 



1. Jennifer Glass Blissful Quills 
(Silver boy)