Northern ​​​​​Indiana ​​Hedgehogs       
Our number one goal is to provide happy, healthy hedgehogs to good homes and to educate their new owners about them.
Here at Northern Indiana Hedgehogs our herd is treated like family, and they get our undivided attention. Each one of our hedgehogs has its own personality and each have unique names that fit them. 
Humble Beginnings

When we purchased our first hedgehog in 2014, it was love at first poke. Learning all about these fascinating little critters captivated us from the start, and we could not resist doing as much research as we could in order to give her the best life possible. From experimenting with different habitat layouts, to different types of foods and treats, we were determined to find out exactly what she liked, did not like, and couldn't get enough of. That same passion and curiosity drives us today!


In  early 2017, we received our United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) exotic animal breeding license. This milestone makes us the only  class A USDA licensed hedgehog breeders in Northern Indiana! Our herd has grown along with our knowledge of hedgehog-human interactions, and we aim to educate each and every one of our customers about proper hedgehog care. We now offer full setup options, treats, food, toys, and heating supplies in our newly renovated Hedgehog Education Room, or HER for short! You'll enjoy a comfortable atmosphere with friendly faces while you  meet your new spiky family member.

While the HER is warm accomodating, we do not allow people in our home for play time with our hedgehogs or "show and tell." Sorry folks! This is our home, not a petting zoo. We do, however, allow people in our home to place deposits, to pick up their babies, and to pick up supplies if needed. By appointment only.

If you're interested in a baby hedgehog or have questions, please send us a message on our Facebook Page or by Email.
When reserving a baby we do REQUIRE a $50 non-refundable deposit. This ensures us that you are 100% committed and the baby will have a forever home. ​​ Our babies are priced between $200-$300, depending on color variation. At times there may be a waiting list.

We offer a ONE YEAR congenital health guarantee with a written report from your Veterinarian, along with your compliance with our conditions.

Please be sure to schedule around 45-60 minutes for pickup day, as we do require you to sit through a short class. This is to make sure you can ask questions and get to know everything you need to know before you take your baby home.

We will also require you to buy a bag of starter food to make sure your baby transitions over to its new food with ease. Starter bags are only $5 and should last you a few weeks.

We do take debit/credit cards and offer all the supplies you will need for your new family member.
The Te​am
  1. Jennelle
    Owner and founder Jennelle has been an animal enthusiast since she was a little girl, known for bringing strays home and catching toads in the creek behind her childhood home. She attended school for business, but decided to focus all of her time on what she really loved. Hedgehogs! She got her first hedgie in early 2014. Shortly after, Northern Indiana Hedgehogs was born. She now devotes all her time to the hedgehogs and customers she educates about them.
  2. Ryan
    Co-owner Growing up Ryan never had any pets until, in 2014, he and Jennelle got their first hedgehog together. As their relationship developed so did the number of pets Jennelle brought home! He then began to realize how much of an impact animals could have on his life. He helps Jennelle run Northern Indiana Hedgehogs.